The Master Collection: Code Library

Have you ever found yourself writing the same code over and over again, wishing that you could just insert this code already typed and move on to the good stuff? I have, several times. So I began my latest endeavor. I'm going to try and build a master code library in five different languages to improve my efficiency and productivity. The languages I'll be concentrating on will be XHTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript (jQuery focus), and Actionscript.

I'm using a combination of tools to compile this code library. First off, for short, commonly used code snippets I'm using a great app called Typinator. It allows me to type an abbreviation and it fills in the associated text. I use it for outputting XHTML tags in proper form, Actionscript access modifiers, commonly used jQuery constructs, and CSS snippets.

Secondly, I'm using an application called Code Collector Pro to organize the larger stuff. This is where I'll keep entire pages of XHTML (basic document, document with css and jQuery included, etc…), jQuery plugins (when I write them), and Actionscript utility classes. I'll also be keeping my PHP related classes and scripts here too. I still need to find out how to setup Code Collector Pro to format my code properly. I need to download and install a bunch of Textmate bundles to do it but haven't spent much time on that yet.

It is a daunting task and often times it seems like an un-manageable project but I think I'll be able to get it under control. Figuring out what code you need to write before you need to use it can be tough and this will definitely be a work in progress. Has anyone else ever done this? Have any tips or suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

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