Minmal Mail

In my question quest for more and more minimalism in my computing experience I stumbled on a way to make Os X's Mail app much more minimal than normal. Here's how:

  1. Go to View > Hide Toolbar or click the little pill button in the top right corner of Mail. I don't ever actually use these buttons and so have no us for them. I do use the search function quite often though and this technique hides the search bar. By hitting ⌘-⌥-F you can get your toolbar back and you're already in the search box.
  2. Then go to View > Show Mailboxes to toggle the sidebar. I only need access to these folders occaisoinally. There is another sweet keyboard shortcut involved here. Hit ⌘-⇧-M to toggle the drawer on and off
This allows you to only view your inbox and focus on one message at a time. See the screenshot below to see what it looks like.

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