Quickie App Review: Thyme - a minimalist's timer

I like my apps minimal, with a small footprint, a menu bar only mode and an unnerving straightforwardness. I like apps that do one thing and one thing well. (Incidentally, I first heard about this app at onethingwell.org which, if you're not already following, you should be.) Thyme is a perfect example of this type of app.

I time myself doing everything. I time how long it takes to check my email, read feeds, wash dishes, etc. I've been using Chimoo Timer forever which is a great app and has served me well. Thyme however, manages a simple task in an awesomely minimal package. Hit Ctrl-T and you start timing. Hit it again and you stop timing. The app keeps a record of times throughout a session and has Growl built in. It does one thing and it does it incredibly well. I'll be recommending this to everyone at my shop. BTW, it took me 7:44 to write this post.

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