Demo software always seems to run out when you need it most but can afford it the least

I went to do some posting tonight and opened up my new favorite blog editor, Blogo. To my unfortunate surprise, my demo had run out and I could no longer use the software. I'm now posting this through a crunchy web interface with no drag and drop, no Flickr integration, no nothing. Ugh! The problem is, I won't be able to afford purchasing the software until my next paycheck (2 weeks away!!). When I realized how much I depended on this software to do my blogging, I decided to write a review and explain to you why Blogo is so wicked cool.

Let me start by saying I've tried a ton of different blog editing options. Marsedit is nice. Ecto is okay too. They both cost less than forty bucks. I've tried free options, Adobe AIR apps, browser plugins, and even went so far as to try using Flock. None of these solutions offered what I was looking for in a blogging experience. Blogo has everything I was looking for and even stuff I didn't realize I wanted.

Firstly, the interface on this app is slick beyond belief. With no text on any buttons you can still fumble your way around and create some pretty decent content. Draft saving, media access, full screen mode, formatting options and more are all a click away from the writing interface.

Secondly, this app was the first one I used that had working Flickr support. That was pretty important to me and it handles it beautifully. Using images from my computer, the web, or flickr was easy peesy.

Thirdly, this app adds built-in pinging services when publishing and ping.fm / twitter support as well. O don't really use them but it is still cool to see them included.

I can't say enough good things about it and at $25 per copy, it's a steal. I'll have to wait for mine but that will just make it sweeter when I can enter my license code and continue using it to bring this fascinating content to you.

** edit: once I get my license code I'll do a more in depth review of specific features. I just can't get into the app right now

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