Solving my inability to keep a diary: Chronories

I don't know about you but I've always wanted to keep a daily journal. I just never seem to keep up with one. I've tried Moleskines and journaling software but nothing has ever worked. I write a few days and then forget, or get too busy. I recently found a piece of software that makes a daily journal easy and fun to keep. If you're looking for a diary app for your Mac, look no further than Chronories.

Chronories runs in the background while you use your computer and automatically tracks application usage, people you've contacted, websites you've visited, news feeds you've read and iCal events. The app also allows you to take screenshots directly into your diary and iSight photos also. Plus, you can set and track your moods and type your own journal entries. It even tracks the daily weather for you!

What I especially liked about this software is the menu bar reminders. Every day the menu bar icon shows an unobtrusive number reminding you that your diary needs you. It will prompt you to set your mood, take a photo of yourself, snap a screen capture and write an entry. It makes it super easy to maintain a record of your days with the least amount of effort. I used this app every day of the 10 day trial period.

On top of the app's functionality, you also get a bunch of ways to view and analyze your daily data. You can view computer activity, weather, moods, etc on graphs. You can view your screen shots or iSight photos in cover flow. It makes keeping a diary simple and enjoyable which, until now, I thought was impossible for me.

The only downside to all of this is that now my demo period is over and I can no longer keep my diary!!! Since my budget for software is $0 right now I'll have to wait until I can scratch together the $29.00 before I can start my diary back up but this app is worth every penny.

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